Fully Insured, Licensed, Police Checked and Canine First Aid Trained

We have Officially been Endorsed by EDDC and Clinton Estates for Walking our dogs on The common land owned by Clinton Estates.

Terms and Conditions

We will require a 50% deposit upon booking your home from home boarding and pet sitting to secure your booking. We will not be able to guarantee your booking unless this is paid.
Final payment of your booking will be required to be paid 1 week before your stay. If payment is not received your booking is not secure and your deposit will be lost.

The following cancellation charges will now apply:
If you cancelled between 1-7 days, full payment will be required.
If you cancel between 8-14 days the 50% deposit will be kept.
If you cancel with 14+ days’ notice there will be no charge and your deposit returned.

The following cancellation charges will now apply:
If cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice full payment will be required

All day care and walk services will be required to be paid BEFORE services commence.
We are able to securely save your card details on our online portal to ensure easy payment is available.

MONTHLY BOOKINGS - 10% discount
All invoices will be sent out mid-month to ensure enough time for you to check your invoice and make any amendments
Full payment is required by the 1st of the month to ensure you receive your 10% discount.
Non-payment by 1st of month will see your discount removed and another invoice produced.
Late fees will apply if services remain unpaid after 7 days.

7 days after the service has been undertaken; there will be a late fee of £2 per day that will be applied.

Just Purr-Fect is authorised to seek emergency veterinary care with release from all liabilities related to transportation, treatment, and expense.
Should specified veterinarian be unavailable, I am authorised to engage the services of the veterinarian of their choice. If you cannot be contacted in a timely manner, I am authorised to approve medical and/or emergency treatment (excluding euthanasia) as recommended by a veterinarian.
You agree to reimburse me for expenses incurred, plus any additional fees for attending to such emergency.  
I am not liable for any problems that occur from a known condition unless I have not treated the condition as required.

All dogs, by law, must wear a collar and tag with you r information as well as being micro-chipped.
All dogs MUST be fully up to date with their vaccinations INCLUDING Kennel Cough and their flea and worm treatment to come into our care. If dogs show signs of flea or worm infestation they will not be walked.
All male dogs over the age of ONE must be neutered to attend the day care centre
You will inform me fully of any characteristics of the dog/s which needs to be known for handling and care of the dog/s, especially any aggression issues.
Dogs will be kept on a lead whenever out of the house unless consent is received from you.
 I will take care, so far as is practicable, both that the dog/s are not a nuisance or danger to anyone, or any other animals, and that no harm comes to it.
- Your dog/s will be left for a maximum of three hours at a time. They will not be left alone at the day care centre.
If dogs are not collected within 7 days of the stated departure date, and no communication has been received from you, then I contact the RSPCA to classify the pet/s as abandoned for them to attempt to re-home, sell or send to a charitable animal organisation.
We will inform you of any incident or anything which we notice about the dog/s that I think you ought to know
We will put collars and tags on your dog’s stating that they are being walked by Just Purr-Fect for safety reasons.

I will visit your pet/s AM and PM unless otherwise organised with you.
Morning visits start from 8am and Evening visits start from 5pm for a minimum of 15 minutes
Cat litter, food, medication, bedding, toys and other pet essentials will be left for me. If in the event that I run out of these essentials more will be bought and left at your home with a receipt for reimbursement.

A key should be left with me or a code for key safe.
-I will use the key to visit your pet/s and for no other purpose. I will keep your key safe, not let anyone not employed by me have it, not copy it and will return it to you on demand.

Just Purr-Fect agrees to provide all services in kind, humane, reliable and trustworthy manner. You agree to notify Just Purr-Fect of any concerns within 24 hours of your return.
Just Purr-fect reserves the right to refuse service to any Customer, at any time, for any reason.
Just Purr-Fect will immediately contact me if my pet/s display aggressive behaviours or tendencies.
Just Purr-Fect will do what they can to help families with special needs pets.
Just Purr-Fect is required to report any bite incidents to authorities.
In case of an emergency, inclement weather or a natural disaster I authorise Just Purr-Fect to use their reasonable judgment for the care and well being of my pet/s and/or house.
I understand that Just Purr-Fect can terminate this contract if my pet becomes a threat to the safety or health of Just Purr-Fect or the community due to aggressive behaviour.
I acknowledge I am responsible for medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to any person or animal caused by my pet(s).
I attest that all of the above information is true to the best of my knowledge. If anything changes from that is listed, I will inform Just Purr-Fect before the next service is scheduled.

Terms and conditions updated on 26/06/17

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